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Why me?

It only takes just 2 People to ruin your entire life. Liars got away with distorting others view of me. So severely, that now, my life situation as it stands; is a nightmare. One that was made up, nobody stood up for me, turned their backs on me, and allowed my son to disappear. How could anyone deserve such torture? I have always lived true, honestly, compassionately and for the betterment of my sons life. His well being meant NOTHING to the state of oregon. I will spend the rest of my days exposing this horrific reality. I am not alone in this feeling. Even though it seems too hard to believe, it will show through sooner than later. I can only keep my head up and faith in truth, and Justice. Anybody that knows me and my son, would completely throw up if they could see what has become of me now, because of CPS. I have been marked, and documented as being the opposite of who I am. Brandon had the audacity to say that I never wanted to be a mother. His lack of compassion for his (cancer surviving) son’s mother, and disregard for his son’s plea to have me in his life shows signs of sociopathic tendencies, and bad . And now has my son, just after he was forced to dwell in the care of an alcoholic bipolar lying and abusive manic. What have I done to deserve this position?

More messed up truth….

I wanted to also ask you about policies regarding only substantial evidence being fact, rather than hersay. My case does not include anything substantiating multiple allegations about my horrible character. Yet, the facts should be the only deciding factors to determine the outcome of a case. If nothing was submitted; reported by the foster mom, such as threatening emails and videos sent to Garrett Zimmer. Photos of me on thier property, a letter I sent to my cousin, Jared Hundt’s place of business, and the fake receipt for synthetic urine being the one thing that stands alone, in the end, making DHS believe so many made up stories about me and my father. The synthetic urine falsefying document was enough for them to make a fuss about. My program counselor and I decided to keep me coming voluntarily so she may witness me peeing to appease the case workers. Molly Hawley asked my mental health counselor,July 12,18, to extend my services at the clinic, till the case was over. Subsequently….This was also the reason given to me when I asked Lauren Feilds why I’m still considered a “safety threat” She simply said, “because you are still involved in treatment.” Since when is that enough to initiate an emergency transfer to another foster home, just two weeks before my dependency hearing? I had my civil rights abused and Sebastian’s were stripped from him, and still are at his father’s. My biggest concern, other than my son’s well being and mental state after he comes home; is the way I am portrayed on paper. It appears as if I am a criminal drug addict who completed nothing, finished no services, and in court, Lauren Feilds gave the judge a report reinstating those false pieces of information as her Discovery about my status at the time of the hearing. I happen to know that very specific rules and many regulations are laid out for the ICPC to be acceptable. Notably, many requirements to be an acceptable caregiver for my child,  on Brandon’s behalf, are lied about and completely provable otherwise.  Not to mention, the judge needs to determine that moving the child is absolutely necessary, based off facts alone. Also required, is his approval for the transfer. He ignored my witnesses and did not allow them to speak, he also did not use the verbage, ‘best interests of the child’, or ‘the well being of the child’.Though my parental rights were never taken from me, I had no chance from the beginning. Judge Bucher treated me like a criminal and made eye contact only to yell and threaten me for trying to speak without conversing with my public defender first. He used the words, “What I learned from reviewing that the mother has not been doing well as far as services is concerned. She canceled her drug and alcohol treatment. But basically she hasn’t been doing anything. Also she stopped counseling and visiting. So she’s not making significant progress.” That was based off a DHHS report dated September 11th 2018 written by Lauren fields in the length of 242 pages. 242 outlines all of my progress and pointed out multiple concerns from me. Due to the fact that two weeks prior, my mental health counselor confirmed over telephone, to Ms. Fields, that I have in fact, met all my goals. That I have made significant progress with all services, and the case was still open only due to CPS directly requesting they keep me there till the case with DHS closes. So how did that also become the reason I didn’t get Sebastian back? Brandon Soto owes over $1,000 for both of his child support cases based out of California. I verified today with CA child support office in Sonoma County CA,  that his driver’s license is, and has been revoked for as long as his account remains in default. I’ve not been able to find any justice within this system put into place to assist famalies to be successful, and provide services to strengthen the family and thier values to reunite as a stronger and safer unit. I moved to Oregon with my son alone. I only knew my cousin’s family, other than that, I’m alone here. Nothing was further from the truth to say that I continued to do drugs. I left my hometown and all I knew to give us a start over. The only thing this movement here did to our family, was rip apart a loving bond between mother and my only child. I’m in remission from stage IV breast cancer and I will be going through menopause for the rest of my life as an ongoing treatment to stay cancer free. I am alone,  heart broken and left to fend for myself even though I was stripped of everything, lost everything, even the most precious part of my life, by neglect in the system. I have not been taken seriously, and deemed, unable to take accountability for my actions, delusional, and a victim that needs to “just get the help I need.” My mental evaluation showed very competant parenting skills and even goes as far to say that some of my answers had to be written simply because I was writing only what I felt the doctor wanted to hear. Nobody ever listened to my concerns about being set up. I feel abused by DHS, discriminated upon and denied my basic civil rights. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

A. Apple

Hi Andrea,

I am so sorry to hear about your family. Unfortunately, I am not able to do anything with you case as I am not assigned and it appears that your case has closed. They best route would be for you to call the previous supervisor, Bruce Kennedy-Smith (503-277-6775) and articulate your concerns. There is always someone above someone and you can continue to ask for names and phone numbers so keep stating your concerns.

If you still feel that your son’s safety is still an issue, you should also contact the child abuse hotline in the area of North Carolina where he resides and again, articulate your concerns.

I am so sorry I can’t help more, but I do really appreciate your fight and concern for your kiddo.


Mrs. Andersen,

My name is Andrea Apple,  Tasha Quarles gave me your name. I would really like to tell you about my case and see if you can help me. My son, Sebastian Soto was moved to NC with his criminal father, after being in an abusive foster home for 7 months. Lauren Feilds was my case worker, she moved my son without a court order, just 2 weeks before my dependency hearing. She never tried to reunite myself and my son. I finished all services, court ordered, and Ms. Fields,  and Molly Hawley never followed my progress and both lied about me in my case file. The entire documented file about me is all made up, nothing sustained false allegations. Yet, my case was mishandled and neglected. All the while, my son was being abused emotionally in the foster home, and CPS documented all of it.  I finally had a dirty UA 4 months after a case was initiated on me, by Garrett Zimmer. The only information they had on me at all, was unsubstantiated lies from disgruntled family members I moved in with to escape a bad relationship in California.  If you are able to take a minute or two to call me, it would be very helpful. My case number: 18JU01229.  Thank you.


Andrea Apple 

Bruce, I am not sure what information you’ve sent in the encrypted message to all parties but often times, I am unable to open it.  This case is now closed with the NC ICPC office so I hope whatever it is, that Ms. Apple will be able to find helpful since at this point, helping her is beyond my scope of duties/tasks. As I indicated, OR should be willing to speak with her and answer any unresolved questions or comments that she might have. Thanks.

Sherita Wright, MS

Program Consultant II, NC ICPC Office

NC Division of Social Services, Child Welfare

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Raleigh, NC 27603