Our Future is Being Stifled

Why is the funding for our children, always the last thing on the minds of lawmakers and the like?

Are most influential people and lobby persons with power; insane, ignorant, pediphiles or worst?

The very sad truth is, all of the above. It as if these inhumane zombies are souless, soulsuckers. Most are child-less, love-less, lonely bullies. Someone obviously never loved these poor children, or someone stole their snack on the playground too many times. One too many times, is all it takes to turn an innocent being, into a sociopathic, revenge seeking ‘living weapon’. Once the time came to become a grown-up, these meat sacks had to conform to fit in; and figure out how to become like everyone else. In essence, blend in and mask their true identities. This enabled them to get close to others, give the impression that they can be trusted, and possibly even appear human. The intent of revenge still whirls about in their tummies and takes up most of their mindless chatter. They are never at peace, they do not sleep at night, and nobody really knows them deep to the core. They are shells of human beings, only being fueled by negativity and thoughts of empowerment at any cost. The fact of the matter is, this is so many “people” walking the earth nowadays, you usually would not know them from someone that has a soul. The discuize goes so deep, their own families never even see how truly broken they are, and may even be the cause of their despair.

It is a sad and extremely hard to think about, individuals described above are running things around the globe. Shit is so convoluded, covered up, lied about, and misinforming; that the people usually have no clue what the hell is going on. Or why the things that happen, are able to continue under lawful inspection. The justice system has been flawed for so long, and we protest and fight, and stand up, and get shit on. They are intimidated by numbers and since we out number these creatures with human costumes, it is inevitable what must be done. EVERYTHING THAT WE CAN! Do not give up your rights, do not stop fighting, and never bow down to them. Question everything, don’t eat what they feed you. Think for yourself and keep a close eye on your children and research, learn, and prepare. Never stop standing up for your beliefs never stop loving yourself and always teach and prepare your children and family about survival and self love. The world we have grown up with has been cold and sufficating. We have grown use to this abuse, and for a while, excepted it as the norm. It is not benefiting anyone on any level. The goal is to ascend in conciousness. That is the biggest fear that the yellow bellied bullies have. The concioussness that we share, is strong, spread love. That is power, knowledge is also power. And having a secure foundation and promoting truth, love, and curiosity; will strengthen the lives of our children that will seed the ground for a possitive generation, who will be leaders one day. Is that not the goal of all parents these days? To give our kids what we did not have growing up. To help them feel secure and loved so they are self confident and open to love and question the answers. That is the generation that thinks on a level unknown to the “rulers” of today. Our kids are their worst enemies……I just realized that is the main focus in their feble, distraught, and regressed mindsets. To destroy all hope for the future, by terrorizing our children and ourselves. That is main reason that so many children are missing, lost to the system, caught up in corruption, and not given the funding they need to succeed. These grown ass “persons” in charge of the laws, ignore the importance of strengthening families. And for once, I finally understand it. Understanding why, is the first step.

I will be writing again, it is very useful in figuring things out that are major questions and concerns work themselves out as you think and put it out there into the universe. I encourage everyone to write more and think more. Stay blessed, sanitize your surroundings, and minds, and wash your hands. This flu is getting more attention than it deserves……So what are they diverting our attention away from???????? Any thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Our Future is Being Stifled

  1. Be sure that you are aware of when you are asked about 1) link COLOR and 2) link HOVER COLOR please beautiful! A link is not typical text so human and AI alike must be able to discriminate them from the rest of the text, and since US human tend to have non-perfect memories it is important that LINKS remember that they have been clicked on, and the good builders give them that option. The importance of the hover is simply to reassure color-blind fools like myself that we (they lol) are actually recognizing something that is actually there! T.W.D.(technical word of the day)= Patternicity by Dr. Michael Shermer.


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