Help me take CPS to court without a lawyer.

This law firm has rescinded their commitment to my case. I am not located in Washington, where the firm is based out of. I was not able to convince their law team to take my case, in a state where some of their best lawyers can work in (Oregon). Due to my case not involving being sexually abused in the foster home. So, I am not sure how to go about the next step, but I filed a Tort Claim almost two years ago. This stated my intent to sue CPS, weather it is done on my own, or with help; I intend to make my story heard. I have so much documented proof of CPS abusing power, stripping our civil rights, and never being concerned about the child’s best interests. I have copies of my CPS case file, transcripts from court, and anything needed to get a settlement offer agreed upon, rather than going to court. My case was unfounded, and dismissed. However; my public defender made me admit to having anxiety and menopause, which the court turned into mentally unstable and took my child from me. Based off no proof of any concern involving myself and my child. I have not spoken to Sebastian in over a year. His father is committing parental alienation, after an interstate abduction. Any assistance would be so amazing, can somebody please point me in a direction? I already did all the footwork, kept extremely detailed notation, and have documented proof of indisputable issues CPS carried through with. And how they ignored my concerns, during my case, in the foster home. I was ignored, lied to, lied about, and still; nobody in my entire family will talk to me at all, because they don’t believe how CPS can mess up so badly. I have to clear my name in court to even have a normal life again. Help Please!

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