Sleepless in Oregon…

I have everything I need, except money to reunite us. Nobody has donated to my cause and I have attempted 3 separate times, to raise money for my displaced child. I have found no support in any capacity on the renegade mission this time either. The case will be dealt with neatly, organized, planned with presicion, and lawfully; when I make it back to Oregon with Sebastian.

And unfortunately, since I’m a stage IV cancer survivor, on a fixed and limited income; affording such an endeavor, (even though it is the only time I’ve ever reached out for help) it falls on deaf ears. Not ever have I been one to need assistance or have I been in the position where I’m begging for someone just to read my posts. It has been very hard to comprehend, especially being that everyone I knew, almost, was in a dilutional mindset focused on being AGAINST ME. And those planted opinions of me ( again….completely out of character for me) were only based off lies. And never proven heresay. Plus, all four of my case workers false reporting, a discraceful judicial system; that had three different public defenders attempt to handle my case.

IN CONCLUSION—-DHS/CPS STEALS CHILDREN. AND IF THE CASES CARRY OUT ALL THE WAY THROUGH TO THE CHILD BEING KIDNAPPED, (SENT AWAY) WITH NO CONCERN FOR CHILDREN’S WELL BEING. THEY ARE ALL ASSURED MORE BLOOD MONEY. **Currently the seemingly “seperate entities”, PUBLIC DEFENDERS,JUDGES, and the Case workers, ALL MAKE THE MOST MONEY PER CASE, ONLY WHEN IT IS CARRIED OUT COMPLETELY. Regardless of any positive changes from parents, in the interim. Regardless how I was abused by the system, discriminated against, and lied about over and over..I still lost my son, illegally.

Legally, and lawfully, my case was fabricated, I was placated, and made a fool of, my family has all ignored my plea’s, discraced me and forgotten about the person that use to be loved unconditionally. They have taken everything I’ve ever worked for, and loved; in less than a one year time frame. My son is being lied to, and hearing others lying about me. That has become a constant in his life experience lately. And the stinger, over all the rest, his father has alienated us, I have not spoken to my sweet boy in a year. I know, personally, two of the worst parents I’ve met, have been through the CPS rigamoral, and both with extremely serious provable parental abusive cases- still….NEVER LOST THIER CHILDREN IN THE END.


I’m going through menopause,stress, depression, and now my body doesn’t function well enough to retain a full time job successfully. I am broken physically and emotionally, having no support from my family has been the worst experience of my life thus far. My family has condemned me, because individuals with a pinnochio nose a mile long, swindled the seemingly febel minded people in my life. The level of betrayal, loss, and loneliness I’ve suffered since I got into Oregon, has started a fire inside me. And being faced with the greatest, meanest, sneakiest, vile monstrosities on this dimension, the Phoenix waits anxious, but patient. Indeed, not one person I know can relate to my situation in such a capicity that would allow a perspective view. Or an understanding of my seriously grim storyline. Maybe I expect too much of my network. I don’t know if my posts are even looked at. I had a bigger turn out from old friends when I was in the hospital with cancer. My CHILD HAS BEEN TAKEN, NO PAPER TRAIL, ALIENATED, EMOTIONALLY ABUSED, LIED TO BY FAMILY, AND SEPERATED FROM ONE ANOTHER, AND ALL I WANT IS TO KNOW IM NOT ALONE. The day I stepped foot on Portland Oregon’s despicable-back-stabbing, LIBERAL AF soil, I WAS ALONE.

IN THE TWO YEARS I’VE BEEN OUT OF CALI, I’VE ONLY REALLY NEEDED A FRIEND, SOMEONE TO TALK TO, VENT TO, or assure that I’m not alone. Instead I feel forgotten about. It’s difficult to be in my skin right now, I’m so tired of fighting, I’m so afraid for my son’s emotional state, his trust issues will extend to family when it’s resolved. All for what? The worst possible outcome in most DHS cases, the child is harmed after being taken out of thier loving, fimilar home. And greedy, heartless, drones continue to deform the minds of many of America’s future leaders.

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