The amount of disregard for my son’s wellbeing and my emotional state, by the state of Oregon; is downright offensive. The months of anticipation to recieve a remanded verdict, was squashed the other day. Unfortunately I opened my email on my birthday to read the attached letters. It made me curl up like a baby and cry my eyes out like I hadn’t done in so long. My boy is not only ‘invisible’, but now I have this crap response to a clearly unlawful situation that cost me my life and my son’s life. His father has abusive tendencies. He was raised without his father, and distrusts, even hates women; he once confided to me. He also has not been in Sebastian’s life monetarily, or emotionally, or physically. The court dismissed my case as if I never came to Oregon with my son. They took no responsibility or action, based off my extremely poorly handled child welfare case. They didn’t want to change my verdict due to all the wrong actions taken against me by Washington County DHS. In doing so, they would have had countless inconsistencies and lies, not to mention, ill-filed documents; and many many unsubstantiated lies to base thier opinions on. I am, again, outraged. To know that I have to suffer this much by the hands of something so blatantly wrong and untruthful; is extremely sad, frustrating and dameaning. It’s as if I am in a foreign land;and have had my rights stripped of me and my child kidnapped and sold. I am in the process of writing a screen play, or book. I have been in constant persuit of anyone that will publish my story. And, going to begin again, trying to get any government officials to listen to me, and help me. Please help me with any resources or persons of interest to contact based on the needs I have now. Thank you so much ❤️

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