Disturbing call from the father of my child whom kidnapped Sebastian….

As I try to keep my composure from the phone call I just got off with. I’m walking into my job with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart based off the incriminating incredibly disturbing and heart-wrenching conversation of my lifetime. This man who has so blindly taken everything from me completely wrong in every aspect of what he says based off absolutely no facts, other than the lies. He refuses to look at my emails explaining the truth, he refuses to look through the case file that explains the abuse in the foster home where he says our son gained most of his abilities that he has now. Whereas everything that Sebastian has gained through my time raising him is endless as far as creativity extremely smart beyond his years speaks well and is incredibly karizmatik funny and extremely a good kid. He’s taking all of that away from me and telling me that all of those things came from the abusive foster home which he will not admit was ever abusive, even though it’s documented in CPS is files numerous times that he refuses to look through.my son’s father is creating a serious situation for the long run that will involve my son being disturbed mentally incapacitated as far as evolving into a better person with a family that loves him because of all of the confusion abandonment and wars that went on in his young age between his family members his mom and his dad and the Foster family that are also family members that he was abused in. Brandon has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about he refers to our past more than the present he’s accusing me of using drugs because I have a improv comedy website on YouTube that’s literally g-rated and hilarious and that’s what he’s basing me being on drugs off of. It’s literally something to pass the time because I’m going through turmoil and if I don’t do something that makes me laugh and gives me pleasure suches making funny videos with my father who’s also sober I believe I should have that right because otherwise I’m losing all strength I’m losing the ability to hang on I’m getting closer and closer to falling into despair and I cannot allow myself to go down that route. My son needs need to be strong he wants to come home and yet he is not allowed to speak to me. In my experience the reason I believe my son is being held for me is because he absolutely wants to come home and will not say things that his father will agree with probably the opposite and the longing that I have the heartache that I have and this year undeniable pulling to my only child is breaking me down destroying my positive energy because it feels as if everything I do falls on deaf ears everything I put out there is ignored all of the work that I’ve done for this case has literally been ignored. I’m not sure what steps to take next but I haven’t been able to speak to my son this year his father is keeping him from me I was excited so I answer the phone thinking my son would be on the phone and lo and behold it was as abusive father who will not admit any of his faults who has all of our past construed into thinking that I was the bad guy he supported us the lies go on they were documented in my CPS case I was deemed a bad mother based off the lies that were said about me over and over and over and I have to live with that because I’m stuckin a system based off values in laws and rules to protect child parental rights and completely revised the family so they can be reconnected not pawned off to other parent that has been absent not adopted out and certainly not being kept from on any level of safety sanctity survival loved at this point my son thinks I abandoned him. Unthinkable things are probably being said about me and it has absolutely done nothing for m to be still a positive thinking happy-go-lucky posting funny videos on YouTube that make me feel better going through all this I need something to keep me happy and it’s being used against me because I’m apparently making videos that are drug-related in his narrow mind, because they’re funny there comedy their improv their silly they’re goofy their g-rated but anything that can relate me to being on a substance regardless of if it’s marijuana that I use for my medicine and to keep grounded and keep happy nothing is going to stop him from trying to keep my son from me; because he believes he’s in the right. I’m reaching out again right now just to give a testimony of what just happened as it happened in while it’s still fresh in my mind because I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that my son will and is going to come home I just don’t feel very happy whenever I get off the phone with his father he has never been supportive he’s always made me feel like a horrible horrible waste of a person the way he speaks to me the way he acts the way he portrays his friends view of me is absolutely despicable and all that I can say is the friends that I talk to, that he knows , that I know , have literally backed me up on him being a bad father his nickname when I met him was “Evil” and all that has happened in between was a couple small mistakes that I’ve paid for and he made many mistakes that he will not admit to especially the one where I supported him throughout our entire relationship but that was noted as the opposite. And it was also noted that I never wanted to be a mother, wrong!!! Coincidentally but it wasn’t noted in there that he was physically abusive to me and his ex-girlfriend and my son is now living in a home with him and his current girlfriend being exposed to that and not being told what happened to his mother except she abandon him how good is that to a blooming budding young child be forced to live one place taken from his mother abused in the foster home which is being denied by his father as well as dad will not listen to reason he won’t let me speak he talks over me he yells at me he absolutely shows me no respect and when I tell him that he’s alienating our son which is a federal offense in some countries he laughs at me and tells me he’s doing the right thing because his is clearly a better parent than I can ever be, because i messed up our son. The opposite is true our son is amazing because of the way I raised him he has no flaws his characteristics his creativity, ambitions and he eats well, are all because of me; and my son’s father wants to deny that and say that it’s all because of the foster home. In which our relatives, that have been documented in CPS files numerous times, as being the reason for Sebastian’s emotional distress his issues with a lot of things came from Jen’s house he was physically abused by his younger cousin he was threatened by the mother Foster mother who is my cousin’s wife she was always speaking about me in negative curse words in cps’s files it claims that she reported she would kill me with no hesitation of what was going to be her punishment in front of my son so my son was scared of her the whole time he live there and CPS messed up didn’t follow any rules didn’t follow regulations and all I did was raise my son to the best of my ability I move to Oregon to get sober I had one relapses I’m completed all of my courses to ensure that I didn’t have a relapse. WHAT screwed me the most was when I went to court for my dependency hearing the case worker had illegally already moved my son out of the state without any court order or locating to the state notifying anyone involved that might be able to do something about it and so when the court hearing happened what my case worker gave the judge was something that made him believe that I did absolutely nothing in order to get my son back and basically told me that I was a loser and I had none of the qualifications of being a good mother based off the fact that I had not tried to complete any of the progress associated programs that I was deemed to program to finish which was also false. I wanted to put all this down before it was gone from my memory I’m sorry if I was not uplifting in this posting but I’m coming from a place of complete sadness and I believe this is probably the one text part of me the one story posted with complete emotion speaking from feelings not feeling supported not feeling comforted and just feeling absolute despair over where my son is living in what he’s being subjected to and the fact that he is not allowed to speak to me come. I did however just locate his address that’s been suppressed by means of a little bit of help from my friends if there’s anyone out there that can help a with maybe trying to connect me with some source of resources that may help me extract my son from where he has been held alienated and kidnapped basically not even filed in the system where he lives, I would greatly appreciate any resources or any type of help in that manner thank you for listening I appreciate if you could share my petition and sign it that would be of much help to me I appreciate you all and I’m grateful for having this blog and people that listen.

3 thoughts on “Disturbing call from the father of my child whom kidnapped Sebastian….

  1. I’m so sorry that you’re going through this terrible darkness. I’m sorry that all of us are going through this. I had a nightmare about my granddaughter Athena last night. I have also been stripped down to nothing and feel lower than the dirt. I had another stroke on Sunday but my mind is still with me and working. Hold on to your faith Andrea because the faith is our weapon Against the Evil. Believe and we will receive from the Hand of God. When your son returns it will be to the glory of God. Keep seeking, keep asking and keep knocking and the Lord will show us His glory and He will vindicate you and give you His Justice. I have to believe that as well hallelujah

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    1. I do believe, and I make positive affirmations about him coming home and being back with me. I am greatful for this life and humble in the spectrum of the immense power of the Lord, and the possitvity of the universe. Thank you for your thoughts and I pray for you and yours. I pray for redemption. I believe in the power of love.

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