Personal Guidance from an experienced teacher

I would like to help others decode the verbage DHS /CPS uses to confuse us. They have many tricks up their Versace sleeves. I have been through the worst possible situation; and if I knew what I was reading, or being told by the public defenders, it would have empowered me. If I only knew that case workers lie, cut and paste made up nasty things about us, into our files, misconstrued evidence, or lack of in most cases. “The government officials have immunity”, that’s not always true. I want to educate you during a one on one Skype meeting; and I will help you work through your candy coded file. Hopefully to empower you to make correct moves that will be educated and thought out, to put you in the driver’s seat. I will follow up, and each session there will be a charge, but I will send you an email with the information we go over, if possible, some resources, and a written summary via email. This will give you the strength and confidence to conquer the stubborn system. Because knowledge is power after all. Blessings!

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