Why me?

It only takes just 2 People to ruin your entire life. Liars got away with distorting others view of me. So severely, that now, my life situation as it stands; is a nightmare. One that was made up, nobody stood up for me, turned their backs on me, and allowed my son to disappear. How could anyone deserve such torture? I have always lived true, honestly, compassionately and for the betterment of my sons life. His well being meant NOTHING to the state of oregon. I will spend the rest of my days exposing this horrific reality. I am not alone in this feeling. Even though it seems too hard to believe, it will show through sooner than later. I can only keep my head up and faith in truth, and Justice. Anybody that knows me and my son, would completely throw up if they could see what has become of me now, because of CPS. I have been marked, and documented as being the opposite of who I am. Brandon had the audacity to say that I never wanted to be a mother. His lack of compassion for his (cancer surviving) son’s mother, and disregard for his son’s plea to have me in his life shows signs of sociopathic tendencies, and bad . And now has my son, just after he was forced to dwell in the care of an alcoholic bipolar lying and abusive manic. What have I done to deserve this position?

4 thoughts on “Why me?

  1. Understand that the American Family Court System Is TRAFFICKING our children and the Federal Government funds this madness. Tell President Trump to Defund CPS. Call out the criminals by name and section of the Department that they belong to. Why you? Probably because you’re poor and have no resources to fight the Giant crime spree

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  2. A very morbid thought, everyone dies someday. You are not alone, God is witnessing your struggles whatever faith you might be from. Going forward remember you have the greatest power on your side! Once you start to trust and believe in that I can promise you will always win. And I’m so sorry for what is happening to you!

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      1. Amen. David killed Goliath with a rock because he Knew that God was with him. CPS and the entire Criminal Department is out Goliath and Jesus Christ is for sure our Rock hallelujah. Time to dance on the devils head

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