Truth and Justice always shine through.

There is absolutely nothing i write about that is not truth. Everything i have said has been 100% truth. I don’t think reality will hit some people that read this, until it bubbles up into their precious perfection fake lives. I have more power behind me than anyone will be aware of, or want to even realize. It’s not right, it was not fair, and nothing said about me by the deranged foster mom was even remotely true, and some of it was demented. I can only imagine how one can sleep at night. I’m not finished, this is only the beginning. I plan on exposing all the lies, people behind the lies, and Justice will be balanced again. I’m not stupid, I’m so betrayed and was naive. It’s not hard to see jealousy turned sour, or manic spiraling out of control, turning something wrong, into right, in the mind of a raving alcoholic unhappy and desperate mind. In those circumstances one can almost be deemed unstable, delusional, or just bipolar. Nothing will get in my way of taking this all the way. You will be summoned to testify, some things written about me that fueled my case, was plain, made up. If you are righteous and were honest in your reports, then sleep tight. Otherwise…..Please don’t threaten me, I am coming with ammunition. I’m fighting for my son, his father and my family lied over and over to get this mess arranged. All I can say is, don’t waste your time searching for anything that I’ve done unsavory, you’ll be let down. I’m not the monster you made me look like. Take a look in the mirror little lady, your threats are nothing more than fuel for me to push harder and further. It’s only just begun.

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