My son is invisible

Well, as of now, I still had no idea where my son is. NC is denying knowledge of him being there. His father, Brandon Soto is hiding from me, he must be scared and not being truthful. Otherwise, why would you keep a mother from his child whom she has raised very well alone for 7 years? I could sue him for abuse, and taking my son`s civil rights away. He is in denial, he has lied to get our son here, and he conjured a plan with Jenn Hundt to allow these despicable actions to happen. I moved to Oregon to start anew and within 2 days of being here CPS was called to update them about my arrival. Then called again, from the home I was staying in, my cousin and his family made up a lie that I curse and call my son names. They even said that I said I want to kill myself and I told him hat he is the reason. Anyone that knows me, knows that doesn’t describe me in any way whatsoever. They lied about me being on drugs and being physically and mentally abusive to him. They were suppose to help me, and instead turned my entire family against me. Had my son taken away illegally, based off heresy and lies. No substantial facts support there claims, but all the while, nobody was looking out for my son’s mental well being. Who would think that they were concerned based off the crimes my own family committed against me? And after letting my son and I live with them until I found us a home and started working. Which I did within a month and a half. What my own family has done to me is unforgivable and I will stop at nothing until they are brought to justice and stand before a judge to give there testimony about what they can remember, if they plan on lying…..Please share your comments and share my blogs. I want this to get spread nation wide. I’m not keeping names secret, it’s all documented, so I’m not breaking any laws. Just speaking the entire truth. Help me educate the masses by sharing my blogs. Thank you!

5 thoughts on “My son is invisible

  1. Funny how everyone but you is a liar… how convenient. But let ME set the record straight, Jenn is an AMAZING mother, friend, sister, daughter, wife! Stop with the lies and focus on fixing your mental health. I’ve known Jenn since we were in high school, all the lies you’re steady spewing about her do nothing more than make you look unhinged and extremely jealous of the fact that Jenn’s foster son has an amazing mother figure in his life that he can truly rely on. Grow up, accept responsibility for your f**k ups and get the help you obviously need. Let him be happy and stop TRYING to drag this incredible woman the mud, it’s not a good look on you. Have a wonderful day!


    1. Talk to me in a few months. By then your precious darling will be able to give you the real story. Or, rather, you will find out some other way. I’m going to implore you to read the responses I’ve sent to the other comments. What you may know about that psychopath is obviously much different . My son was emotionally abused in her home, and expressed suicidal ideations when told he was being shipped to his dad’s. Sebastian was terrified of Jenn, she lied to him about me. She kept things from him that I tried to get to him on Easter morning. Lied about being in contact with both my mother, and son’s father when we first moved in with thier family. Jenn told my son that I sold his clothes for money. She told him that my ex boyfriend and my father, when Sebastian was only 3, use to beat him. Each visit with my son, I had to convince him, because of Jenn, that I did not give his cat away. He was devastated and even a few last minute cancellations she called in about our weekly visits; were lies. I followed up with one of the event locations, (closed the day of our scheduled visit), and asked Sebastian himself about the “event” he attended. He told me that it took place at her home. She went out of her way to do anything possible to make me look bad. Such as report to,CPS that I called about her barking dogs, to the county….She reported that my dad drove by their home continuously, even though I owned a new car that they did not even know about. She claims that I showed up unnannouced and has doorbell pictures to prove it. Those photos do not exsist nor does a report about barking dogs. I took responsibility for my relapse and took care of my court ordered requirements. There was nothing else to take responsibility for; except allowing a monster into my life. While living with the Hundt family we did not argue and I made sure they were stocked with necessary food, beverage, and smoking materials. I am a professional cleaner and I was always happy to help with household chores. Jenn confided in me and told me I was in a safe environment to get clean, then maniacally reported non-stop to get attention, and her false allegations are all that fills my case, literally. The case is basically about her. She never provided proof of any of the allegations she reported. But she would never tell that side of things to anyone. Only her and Brandon know any of those things. Ask her children what they think of me. And please check back momentarily for updates. I’m hoping to soon bring Mrs. Hundt to the court for her testimony, and hoped that there was evidence to support her lies, or I wouldn’t be writing all this; let alone, feel taken advantage of and misrepresented. I have made this case and exposing, reporting, and researching, my life, it feels like a job. I plan to get into paralegal work, or become a child/parent counselor, and/or mentor, or advocate when the case is over. Thank you for your comment .


  2. I’m sorry. But this is utter bullshit. Jennifer has taken care if your son when you couldn’t. And you should be thankful towards her instead of posting this vile slew of lies.


    1. None of what I’ve posted is a lie. Jenn took care of my son because she lied about me and CPS believed her without any proof, evidence or anything substantial. That crap case would never had existed if she hadn’t entered our lives. I never did anything wrong, never did any harm to my son in my life, in fact, the only documented harm done to Sebastian was reported numerous times by CPS; talking about Jenn. She ruined my life with utter bullshit. Because she hates her life and is mentally unstable. Those are only educated guesses. What are the slew of lies you refer to? I guarantee the truth will be shocking when it comes out. It will not be a secret for too much longer.


    2. You shall soon eat those words you so confidently wrote about your precious Jenn. Vile indeed, she has been deceiving everyone, that is part of her diseases, bipolar, and alcoholism. Her kids and my cousin are all at risk living with her.


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