The Lies within the Circle of Trust

I have to deal with the reality, for now, that Sebastian is in North Carolina with his dad. The system that generated the need for his move there has literally cut me out of the picture. I am being lied to on every level, and at every turn. There is nothing true about this case, as if there ever was….It hasn’t gotten any better. The case worker I was told to contact about my son and his placement with his dad, denies that he even knows who Sebastian or Brandon are. Austin Blythe is a case worker who works out of Marshall County NC. And I have a copy of the home study, full of lies, that Mr. Blythe completed about Brandon Soto. Yet, upon email request, and phone conversation; he denies knowing who my son is and denies NC knows he is even in that state. So, what does this all mean? I’m certain this man has contact with Brandon, and has the power to request that contact is consistent. And I have been told many lies to through me off, Or give up hope? Either way, my son is not being cared for properly, his dad is subjecting him to abuse simply by keeping him from me. It makes me wonder what he is afraid of. It makes me wonder what he is trying to keep hidden, usually that leads one to assume that there are some shady things in play. I have been blinded by the entire facade of this situation. Thinking my family wanted to help me. When in fact, they all plotted against me to the 5th degree. I have been lied about, made a fool of, played, and now I am documented as being a horrible mother and failure at life. Knowing who I am, I won’t let this cloud my image of myself. I will persist till Sebastian is home with me, until all are held accountable, and the justice for my son is reached. Never back down, I am so much more driven than ever, I am taking this as far as it will go, and as far as it will allow. I need to be heard, my story is not one of a kind, I want to be the voice for thousands. Help me by sharing my stories, or link to my blog.

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