An email to my attorney

Dear Sir,

I spoke to Austin Blythe and his supervisor yesterday. They told me that they are not able to talk to me about my son, they wouldn’t even confirm that he is in NC. They told me that there isn’t a case on Sebastian Soto.  They told me that CPS DHHS do not move children to other states. They said hat the ICPC is only a way to find out information.  I believe I was being lied to. Lauren Fields,  my old case worker in Oregon gave me Mr. Blythe`s name to follow up with a parenting plan and assure my son is doing ok. At this time I’ve been told there is no was for me to make sure my son is ok, and no way to find out where he actually is. What can I do from here? Is there a status on he motion to file a suit against DHS, before the time frame runs out? I want to hold the foster mother responsible for this as well as the case workers who documented all her lies as facts. I think the reason this case continued to exist was solely due to lies and false allegations from Jennifer Hundt and Brandon Soto. CPS needed a case and they substantiated one based of lack of evidence and heresy . You may have found a falsified document regarding fake urine that supposedly I purchased.  All the visits I missed with my son were due to the foster mom making up lies. I’ve proved some of them wrong. A few counseling sessions I missed because I was instructed by my counselor that my wellbeing and a place to sleep took presence over class. I lived in a hotel for almost 3 months due to CPS deming my home was unfit for Sebastian to return to. So we moved from hotel to hotel a few times. Some days I couldn’t even get out of bed. My relapse counselor also told me that I would be able to graduate out of the program June. Based off the amount of classes I had attended,  and number of clean UAs; she was convinced I was ready to graduate. From there on, my attendance was voluntary. The single reason for my extra time in the program was so the case worker would have the pleasure of being given a few witnessed UAs.  The July UA that came back positive was due to my chemotherapy/novicain injection that week. Plus, I was not on the list to get a UA on the day that I gave my specimin. And I was given the option to submit one three days later, and by a man. I was insistent that my drug counselor take my specimin that day I attended class, so she can witness it. If I was worried about being dirty, I would have taken the extra days, and preferred not to be watched. I had the option to provide an unwitnessed UA,  three days in the future, and I did not take it. It came up possitve and I was clean.  Nobody ever discussed his with me. Late August I took a trip to California to see family. When I was conversing with my counselor, Diane about missing the next few classes due to the traveling.  She agreed I should go, but may have forgotten to make a notation in my file. The only reason I was engaged in counseling after both of my counselors informed me that I have met my goals, was directly due to my CPS case worker, Lauren Fields, ( and Molly Hawley) asking Lifeworks to allow me to continue services throughout the duration of my case. Otherwise, they would have had no reasons whatsoever to be justified making the incorrect decision to move my son away from me. There was a few instances during visits at CPS, with Sebastian,  where he asked me disturbing questions Jennifer Hundt had told him about me that hurt him and confused him. When we discussed these quite upsetting things to my crying distraught little one; I was asked to step outside and was informed that my consoling, and conversing about these things are forbidden and my visits were threatened. I never had problems with him in visits, but it is inferred. I was offered a support gal for one visit. After the visit, we spoke about her purpose and I agreed that it would be helpful. I then told her the truth about my case, the corrupt situation I was in; and she assured me that the information I share with her will be in my case file. That was the last support person I was offered again for visitation times. The amount of documented “facts” that could have been confirmed easily, proves lack of attention or sheer disregard to documenting of the facts. Supposedly,  I had a c-section when Sebastian was born, I also, according  to my case file, had chemotherapy. I have a mother named Barbara Apple, and Brandon’s mom is deceased. The address listed for the foster home is documented wrong. And many insane things Jenn reported are literally made up entirely. I have many problems with this case, and he foster home that I was continuously documenting and reporting. Not one call or confirmed information was reported to me based off my concerns. I believe there is many instances where the case workers wrote down whatever was fitting for them to substantiate my instability. My father was never able to be the SSP based off lies given to CPS, that he was a drug user. And then CPS offered him the opportunity to become a foster parent.  That seems backwards. It is so sad but a little comical that so many bogus, made up, and plain bullshit made its way into my case file.  It does not describe me in any way whatsoever. Nothing written about me or my relations with my son are true. The Judge never even asked me about my programs, he himself ordered me to accomplish,  months prior. I was streamlined and abused by the system meant to protect families. My son lives with a stranger and can’t talk to me. He has a revoked DL and refuses to give me his address. He claims he doesn’t trust me with it. I think he knows he has our son unlawfully and illegally, otherwise…why the secrecy and lack of contact? I am severely concerned about the situation my son is in, and has endured. Without loving people and possitve action around, he is probably deeply depressed and may want to hurt himself. Please help me, I’m beginning to worry about his wellbeing and mental state. Have you discussed with Dr. Kliman about doing an evaluation on him in NC?
Sincerely, Andrea Apple 

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