My case is in the appeal process!

I recently had a dependency court hearing where the judge yelled at me, and threatened me for trying to say something. The case worker and lawyers on the opposite side of the court room committed purgery. I had poor representation for this case, and throughout my case. At my hearing, I had to speak for myself. The Judge was confronted with my testimony, that threw him off his disfunctioning way of thinking. He decided to extend the hearing so CPS and I can get our facts straightened out. We had clashing information to share. Either way, he never brought up the child’s best interest, or well being of the child. Nor was I asked about myself, or what I had brought up in the first part of the hearing, tree weeks prior. He ignored all the facts, denied me of my civil and parental rights, and acknowledged the fact that the law was broken to move Sebastian to North Carolina. So, I had it appealed and the state picked it up.

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